What kind of Home Staging service do I need?

If Home Staging is a new concept to you and something you may have never heard of, let alone the different types of staging and their benefits, we explain below each type of staging a Home Staging company could provide and who they are best suited to.

Occupied Home Staging

Ideal for: lived in homes

May involve: decluttering, rearranging of furniture, interior styling

Occupied Home Staging is essentially the preparing of a lived-in property for sale to stand out from the crowd while you and your family can still comfortably live in it.

Occupied Staging is much easier and more convenient than you may think. When a Professional Stager stages an occupied home, the space in question will be assessed on how a buyer will perceive the property and make recommendations on how to improve appeal using existing furniture and furnishings wherever possible. The addition of some carefully selected styling accessories will also be used to showcase the space and create a picture-perfect property for your target buyer.

Occupied Home Staging | MaisieMaison Interiors | Kent & East Sussex

Vacant Home Staging

Ideal for: refurbished properties, end of tenancy properties, empty properties

May involve: furniture purchase, furniture rental, interior styling

Home Staging an empty property allows buyers to envisage how the space can be used and also make a property feel larger than if it were empty. A Professional Home Stager will assess the space, provide and install furniture and accessories (either rented or purchased) including rugs, artwork, mirrors, soft furnishings, lighting etc to create lifestyle appeal suited to the property value, type and target buyer.

Vacant Home Staging | MaisieMaison Interiors | Kent & East Sussex

Decluttering & organising

Ideal for: lived in homes

Involves: decluttering, tidying and organising, depersonalisation

Decluttering and organising is one of the most important steps when preparing your home for market. As buyers tour your property, they will be visualising if their furniture could fit and if storage needs are met so it's important to make this an easy decision for them.

Even the cleanest, well organised homes can usually benefit from some extra decluttering. When you’re selling a home, how your home should be presented to others is different to how we live in a home. A property for sale will need to be depersonalised and appeal to a wide audience and provide buyer confidence that the property is spacious and has been well maintained. Home Staging Professionals can provide this as a recommendations report or alternatively support you in person with the decluttering process.

Declutter & Organise | MaisieMaison Interiors | Kent & East Sussex

Pre-photography styling

Ideal for: lived in properties

Involves: interior styling

Pre-photography styling involves a Home Staging Professional visiting the property a few hours prior to the agents photographer to style the property using existing items in the home, plus a handful of extra accessories as the photographer photographs each room. This quick home staging and styling technique makes a huge difference to the online images showing the property for sale in a favourable light. Pre-photography Styling has been proven to increase numbers of booked viewings and faster sales.

Photography Styling | MaisieMaison Interiors | Kent & East Sussex

Preparing your property for sale is like preparing yourself for a job interview now matter the property type or situation - it needs to be dressed for the occasion. If you'd like your property to stand out from the crowd or need support in preparing your property before going on the market throughout Kent or East Sussex, contact us today for a chat.

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