What is Home Staging?

The activity or practice of styling and furnishing a property for sale in such a way as to enhance its attractiveness to potential buyers.
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You've seen the show homes and gorgeous homes in glossy magazines, right? The purpose of Home staging and styling is designed to showcase your property in its best possible light, to ensure it stands out from the competition, and ensuring the property looks impersonal yet stylish and inviting.

A professional Home Stager not only provides you with an objective and unbiased review of your property but is trained to look at your property as if

through the eyes of prospective buyers. When a property is staged and styled, the staging professional will take into consideration the overall room layout for the property, clutter, colours, curb appeal, cleanliness, lighting, furniture and soft furnishings.

A vital aspect of Home Staging is the defining of each space and 'zones' within the property. Not only will it make the property seem bigger and brighter, but the flow will work harder and add towards that lifestyle appeal buyers are looking for. The elimination of all potential distractions within your home is so important to draw the focus to the best-selling features of your home, maximising your property’s potential in the eyes of potential buyers. By removing distractions, potential buyers can focus on the home’s selling features.

Buyers these days aren't just buying into a property, they are buying a lifestyle, and properties need to reflect that.

Home Staging will...

  • Create that all important first impression ​

  • Achieve a higher asking price - research by Rightmove showed that staged homes sell for a huge 8% more than non-staged homes.

  • Let viewers envisage their life in your home

  • Brings warmth, light, space and life to rooms

  • Makes cluttered or empty rooms look bigger

Now, some food for thought...Would you go to a job interview without dressing in a smart and presentable outfit? Would you be aiming for a job offer for the best possible salary you deserve? Of course the answer is yes. And, it's no different with property - your property is the candidate and buyers are the employer. Think of your home going onto the market as going to an interview with buyers - your property will need to be smartly presented to persuade your buyer it is the right fit for them and create that lasting wow factor.

If you are considering staging your home, the best time to stage is always before you invite agents to value your property/take photos. This is so that your property is presented in it's best light from the get-go and creates excitement and a buzz with a new, gorgeous looking property on the market. However, there is never a bad time to stage - whether your home is already on the market and has very little attention, reduced offers or none at all, then staging is definitely better later than never to increase your property's selling potential.

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