Our top do-it-yourself tips when selling your home

With covid-19 bringing a welcomed stamp duty holiday on the first £500,000 until March next year, homeowners are seizing the opportunity to sell now and pocket the extra cash from the government incentive.

Buyers have reassessed what’s important to them in a property, and high up on the wishlist could now include a dedicated space for home working, family areas and outdoor space. In today’s home-based world, it’s more important than ever to ensure your property is presented in its best possible light for maximum appeal to buyers to secure more viewers, command a higher asking price and stand out from the competition.

Property portal, rightmove, reports that staged properties will sell faster than those not, and on average, staged homes will sell for 8% more. Below are our top do-it-yourself tips on staging your home to sell:

  • Declutter - believe it or not, clutter is the top reason for a property not selling. Clutter takes up space, and space sells. Start by allocating a box or bag for ‘donations’, ‘to sell’, ‘dispose of’, and ‘store for new home’. Declutter each room and store away any items you’re keeping in the garage, loft or storage - you’re also one step ahead for when you move.

  • Depersonalise the property - buyers are looking for lifestyle appeal and need to visualise the space as their own. Start by removing personal photos on walls and frames, tidy away any clothing and toiletries to help them see the potential in your property.

  • Stage where it counts - living rooms, kitchens and master bedrooms are the rooms that have the most influence over buyers in a property so more time should be spent in these spaces.

  • Clean - a deep clean of your home is essential for every property when selling. From the skirting to the fridge, it’s important that every area is spotless. If you lack time or aren’t comfortable doing this, it’s always worth contacting a local cleaning company to assist.

  • Go neutral - bright colours on walls help people express their personality in their homes, but they can be a major turn-off for buyers. When selling your home, one of the very best things you can do is paint over any garish colours with warm neutrals.

  • Lighting - dark homes seem sad and smaller than they actually are. Ensure your curtains or blinds aren’t blocking any natural light unnecessarily and add ambient lighting where required.

  • Curb appeal - the approach to your property and front door will be the first thing the buyer sees. Ensure the entrance is weed free, clean and the door is in good condition. Add a homely touch with a simple doormat and perhaps a potted plant or two.

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