How colour can affect buyer impressions

Although the colour in your home expresses your personality and everything you love, some colours can have a negative effect on a buyer's feelings towards a property. We explore what each colour group could mean below…


The most intense colour. Bright

red can be seen as aggressive, and is also adrenaline stimulating. Stick to warm, richer tones of red such as crimson and burgundy, and use sparingly rather than in the whole room.


Blue creates feelings of calm and serenity, tranquil, secure and orderly - after all it’s the colour of the world, the sea and sky. Watch out for bright, garish blues though as they can come across as cold and uninviting.


The right yellow can affect us in a strong emotional way. The right yellow can bring happiness and optimism (think soft pastel or ochre) if used sparingly. Too bright or used too much can cause anxiety.


The colour of nature, and also envy! When the world around us contains plenty of green, this indicates the presence of water and little danger of famine, so we are reassured by green. It instills tranquility and health. Watch out for bright greens as this can reflect jealousy, whilst feeling dated and retro.


Too much brown can indicate a lack of sophistication and humour, but with the right balance these earthy tones create a sense of warmth and reliability as we have associations of the colour with the earth and natural world.


Purple stimulates the imagination. It's the colour of royalty, luxury and wealth. I recommend using as an accessory colour in staging as it can become overpowering.


Associated with love, softer shades of pink can be peaceful and restful. Over do it and it can seem too girly.

Switching to a neutral colour palette and accessorising with pops of colour can make a huge difference when selling a property. We recommend warm tones such as greys, beige, taupe, and off-whites (watch out for brilliant white, this can be too cold).

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