Holiday Homes - 6 tips to make the most of your investment

With the average rate per night set to increase by up to 35% due to post-lockdown demand, staycation bookings are set to rise as we appreciate all our country has to offer and crave unique stays throughout the UK. Whether guests join you for a holiday, celebration, seasonal festivities or simply for work, these 6 top tips will attract more revenue, bookings and a high guest satisfaction score.

1. Defining your USP as a holiday let

In today's internet and technology based world, the consumer has endless amounts of options and platforms when it comes to searching for the perfect staycation. From AirBnB to and all the independents in between, it's so important to define your unique selling point to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

For example, your property could be within walking distance of an area of natural beauty, or close to local attractions that appeal to your target audience, has coastal views, or accept dogs and have a safe enclosed garden area for them to roam around in. Your USP should not only be reflected in your web content and photography, but in your holiday let styling too to bring your advantage to life.

2. Quality linens mean quality rating

From tea towels, to bed sheets, when it comes to home comforts, holiday let linens are important to get right. Ensuring you invest in premium, quality linens means a better experience for the guest, and a longer lasting product. Sites like offer a great range of quality cotton linens at affordable prices. However, an expert holiday home stylist can take the headache out of thread count quality for you and will have trusted trade suppliers to maximise value of linens as well as furnishings.

Think about who you are catering for. For adult-only properties, opt for bath sheets instead of standard towels. For families consider a mixture of bath sheets and standard towels, along with offering waterproof mattress protectors in the children's rooms. These small details will make all the difference when it comes to your holiday let guests having a comfortable stay and feeling like they are looked after.

3. Holiday let styling and presentation matters

Styling and presentation count as much as location when potential guests are browsing holiday accommodation options. Whatever the property type, consider that your styling according to target market and location will generate interest and bookings. The images of your holiday let used in marketing and in client reviews will return dividends in bookings and the price-point achieved, whatever the season.

Boutique or coastal theme styling? Homely family holidays or City pad break? The options are vast and the decision making process vital to the success of your holiday let. Take your time to get this right in any new holiday let or refurb. An expert holiday home stylist will save you time and money in the long run. MaisieMaison holiday let styling services range from scheme concept boards to complete project management and installation of all aspects of the furniture, furnishings, accessories, linens and kitchenware.

4. A perfect night's sleep in holiday accommodation

A poor sleep can be the make or break for a positive review. Don't skimp on beds and frames that will need replacing every year or so - opt for quality, made to last furniture that can withstand wear and tear and be easily cleaned.

If the room allows, choose larger than a double for additional comfort. If opting for zip-lock beds, it may be worthwhile adding a mattress topper to avoid guests being able to feel the gap in the middle. A sensible mattress choice would be medium to firm for longevity and certainly has to be of high quality for the high turnover of guests. When it comes to duvets, be sure to choose one large enough or even go one size up, and consider selecting synthetic fibres to cater for those with allergies.

And, as mentioned above, quality linens are important to not only ensure a very comfortable sleep, but to reflect a good night's sleep in your property photography. Also, don't forget to leave a couple of spare pillows, pillowcases, and blankets in the cupboard for guests to help themselves.

The bed isn't the only important factor when it comes to sleep. Assess your window furnishings to check for light coming through and consider choosing blackout blinds or curtains with blackout lining for a sleep that's not disturbed.

5. Homely finishing touches that surprise and delight

It's usually the simple things that can have the greatest lasting impression - from leaving a freshly baked loaf of bread, or a note for local eateries or takeaways that you recommend.

Think of items you would like to be presented with on arrival to a holiday let. Guests may have had a long or stressful journey to reach the property, and arriving on site to an unexpected gift can bring a smile to their face or sense of relief they can now relax knowing their holiday has started. For example, a little essential food hamper with bread and butter, local eggs, local jam, milk and even a bottle of wine or fruit juice for the kids can make for a very warm welcome.

6. Showcasing your holiday let property

You've set everything up and the property is ready to be promoted. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words", it's vital that your property is professionally photographed for your online or print presence to ensure a premium look and feel to the property and to give that wow factor. Research local interior or real estate photographers who can support you with this, and most importantly - remember to have the property professionally styled for the photo shoot and choose a sunny day.

Find out how Sophie Barratt at MaisieMaison Interiors can help you to make the most of the furnishing and styling in your holiday let investment property.

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