Five ways to up your kerb appeal this winter

Whether you’re selling or preparing a holiday rental, your property’s kerb appeal should be a top priority on the to-do list.

First impressions in home staging and holiday lets (whether that’s online photography or in person) can be the deciding factor in a viewing or rental booking. A huge amount of weight is placed on the kerb appeal of your property as the front cover to its contents, so it’s important to get it right.

Below, we summarise our top 5 tips to create kerb appeal this winter...

1. Clean

Ensuring that road facing windows and doors are sparkling clean will undoubtedly add to kerb appeal. Take a moment to clean your windows, window frames and doors thoroughly - the additional detail of polishing door furniture metal will ensure a sparkling clean entrance and prove a well maintained property for buyers and renters.

Also consider what is hanging in the windows and open blinds/curtains fully.

5 ways to up your kerb appeal this winter with MaisieMaison Interiors - Kent

2. Pathway/driveway maintenance

If dirt, grime and moss has built up on any brickwork or paving, a simple jet wash of the area can make a huge difference and often look like new.

Exteriors can often become neglected during the winter months, when these months are some of the most important to pay attention to due to the disadvantage of dull days. Take a few moments to de-weed your property entrance and trim any bushes or shrubbery. It’s also great practice to consider the approach to property - are there any large, unsightly weeds on the road to your property.

If your driveway or pathway is looking tired or needs an update, laying gravel is a cost effective solution that goes a long way to refreshing the look of your property.

3. Add a splash of colour

Winter months can seem dull and grey due to a change in lighting from the summer months. The addition of greenery either side of your door or a winter flower arrangement in the window adds a splash of colour whilst making your property stand out. Keep it simple with one or two types of shrub or plant.

If your exterior paint is looking tired, cracked or peeling, consider a lick of paint for a refresh.

5 ways to up your kerb appeal this winter with MaisieMaison Interiors - Kent

4. Lighting

Exterior lighting is especially important in winter, not only for way-finding but for adding warmth too.

A porch light or set of matching lights suited to your property style either side of your front door creates a welcoming, inviting atmosphere as well as accentuating the features of your property. Always employ an electrician to install your exterior lighting.

5. Gutters & roofing

A leaking gutter or cracked roof tile can scream property updates or safety issues for your buyer or renter and discourage them from considering your property. If there are any issues with your roofing or gutters be sure to consult a professional. Whilst this may seem unnecessary, it could add some value to your property and increase kerb appeal.

5 ways to up your kerb appeal this winter with MaisieMaison Interiors - Kent

For more tips or support on selling your home or improving your rental yield throughout Kent & East Sussex, contact MaisieMaison Interiors today.

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