Six reasons to home stage when selling your property

Home Staging & Styling when putting a property on the market is vital for any property, no matter the size, area or value. Below, we summarise the 6 most common times you may want to use a Home Staging service.

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1. Before an agent visits your property

You’ve made the decision to put your property on the market, you’ve chosen an agent you’d like to proceed with, now you just have to prepare your property for market. You may be thinking where do I begin and what’s a priority?

Receiving support from a Home Stager to present your property for market before an agent visits your home is the perfect time to. Why? Because they’ll see your property at its best, will provide the best possible valuation for your home, they'll have great photo opportunities and your property will stand out online from the get go.

94% of agents surveyed reported that home staging increases property viewings

2. You’ve had no interest in your property

Your property may have already been on the market for a good few weeks but you’ve had very little viewings and can’t work out why - your property is priced competitively and in line with surrounding properties but isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Home Staging your property if it's already been on the market is definitely better than not at all.

Buyers sometimes find it hard to imagine living in a space that isn’t their home and struggle to see the potential in a property's space so don't even consider a viewing. A Home Stager can support you in presenting your property in it’s best possible light for the widest possible buyer appeal suited to your target buyer. Once staged, your property will be ready for some new photography to showcase your home online with a fresh new look. And, in last year’s Home Staging Association report, 94% of agents surveyed reported that home staging increases property viewings.

3. You’ve had no offers or they are very reduced offers

The viewings have been steady and consistent, but you’ve had no offers on the property, or offers that are well under the asking price which you just aren’t willing to accept. Sometimes, buyers struggle to see past the personal paint colour choices, clutter or very minor repairs needed in a home, and so with any negative against the property, buyers will feel this demands a lower offer to cater for the work they need to do or they simply feel the property isn’t worth what you’re offering.

Using services provided by a Home Stager is a great way to get a fresh perspective on the property and to distinguish what is putting buyers off or potentially devaluing your property worth. With an action plan in place, followed by the staging of your home, your home will be shown to its full potential to attract your target buyer. Additionally, Rightmove reports that staged homes sell for an average of 8% more than non-staged homes.

Home Staging in Kent & East Sussex - Home Style & Spruce

4. You’ve found your dream home

You’ve found the perfect home for the next chapter in your life, but the property owner isn’t willing to accept your offer if your property isn’t under offer. You don’t want to lose the property you’ve been searching long and hard for, so your property needs a quick sale.

In fact, last year’s Home Staging Association report showed that 86% of agents reported that a staged home sells up to 3 times faster than a non-staged home.

86% of agents reported that a staged home sells up to 3 times faster than a non-staged home

5.You’ve already moved to or purchased a new home

The next chapter of your life and new home just couldn’t wait, so you've already purchased your next home or even already moved in. But, your property is still on the market costing you money every month it isn’t selling, as well as paying the bills on your new property.

Staging a home to sell can mean a faster sell time with a fresh new look and feel as well as new online photography to bring wider appeal, allowing you to release the equity in your property faster than before.

6. You’ve been recommended to reduce your property price

You’ve had little viewings and poor offers. You feel the only option left is to accept the agent’s recommendation to reduce the asking price. However, your property was originally valued based on sound research and by an expert in the industry. A price drop can cause suspicion among buyers, who may wonder what’s wrong with it and ask why you've lowered the asking price.

When it comes to home staging, the cost of staging a home is always significantly less than the first price reduction. Home Staging services cost on average no more than1-2% of the property asking price, whereas a price reduction will be significantly more than this. Staging your home will mean you command a higher offer price without having to sacrifice a price drop and lose profit on your investment.

For home staging and styling services throughout Kent and East Sussex, please contact us for more details or visit our website. Or, to find out more about what home staging is, read our blog post 'What is Home Staging?'.

Home Staging in Kent & East Sussex - Home Style & Spruce

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